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The United Republic of Mars (German: Vereinigte Republik Mars) (Japanese: 火星連合共和国, Kasei Rengō kyōwakoku) (Spanish: República Unida de Marte) was a country ruling over Mars and the moons Phobos and Deimos.


Origin and Formation

Space-fairing nations established colonies on Mars during the advent of space colonialism, with Mars being the strongpoint of a potential “Other Earth” that humanity could relocate to in the event of apocalyptic scenarios. Initially, the colonists considered themselves to be the ”Humanity’s Future” often transcending and crossing established colonial borders in order to show their dedication and commitment to the idea of a ”New Earth”

However, relations between Earth and Mars soon began to strain, with colonial nations reaping profits from Martian mines, while promised supplies and materials began to decrease dramatically. Eventually, the former colonists declared independence, and as the colonial nations lacked the resources to wage a interplanetary war, they reluctantly accepted.

It is in the formation of these independent nations when Martians began to realise the need for a single planetary entity. Soon after, in 2145, the United Republic Of Mars was proclaimed by the leaders of a planetary organisation of massively influential nations on the planet, known as the United Mars Federal Association (Or UMFA). The URM later integrated several “Outland” nations into it’s fold, and by the early 23rd Century, the URM‘s territory encompassed the entire planet, plus the moons Phobos and Deimos.

Years Leading Up to The Great War

The newly—formed nation faced several problems. Economic issues such as the reliance on agriculture and income disparity and population issues such as poverty began to spread as a result of the new government’s inexperience. The URM blamed diplomatic isolation by Earth for the aforementioned issues and began their hostilities there. Tensions between the URM and Earth simmered when the two planets reached a mutual understanding of the problems faced by the planets, but peaked when the URM accused Earth of “influencing Martian areas of life” including economic, financial, cultural, and political areas, resulting in a ”Martianisation” program started by the Martian government. The URM also established a colony in Antarctica in an attempt to gain influence on Earth, which resulted in Alitastan.

Role in The Great War

While no one knew which nations started the Great War or what factors led to the war, the URM saw extensive and even critical presence during the Great War. Martian forces were involved in the Battle of the Moon (Which also involved Earth, Jupiter, and Venus), in which the Moon was a critical vintage point in a potential invasion plan for Earth. After the Battle of the Moon, Mars won control over the Moon. The Moon was later used as a resupply and refuel post during the long Invasion of Earth. In 2258, after Earth‘s successful capture of several major cities across Mars, the URM retaliated by launching several projectiles towards Earth’s major sky-cities, destroying all-but-one city; Zalem. The URM later commenced a full-scale invasion and occupation of Zalem (Known as the Battle of Zalem), which failed dramatically. Many of the URM’s best soldiers, including their well-known URM Berserkers and Marines, one of which was a deadly and effecient Berserker named Yoko (The soon-to-be Alita), were all sent to fight in Zalem, which, thanks to Zalem’s various defenses, resulted in all of their deaths (With Yoko being the sole exception).

After the Great War

The Great War destroyed much of the URM’s already faulty administrative capabilities, and subsequently fell into a number of civil wars and utter disrepair. While the violence from the various civil wars does not plague the former territories of the URM today, it did bring much further destruction, extending to cities that were hardly affected by the Great War. As a result of this, the URM does not exist today.


The URM and it‘s role in the Great War is remembered by many on both Earth and Mars as a superpower on par with that of Earth, Venus, and Jupiter. Many sites from the URM’s conflict with Earth can still be seen to this day. Many youths in Iron City can still recount stories of the URM’s invasion even centuries after they were fought, often adding fantastical visual descriptions to these stories, and many people in Zalem are aware of the URM’s former existence. URM technology is considered the most advanced on Earth, and valuable technologies found are sold in Iron City for high prices due to their rarity.

The nation of Alitastan in Antartica was primarily a colony of the URM. It became an advanced nation prior to an invasion by an unknown entity, which resulted in the Alita Army. Much of the Alita Army‘s Berserker troops were based off the original Berserkers in the URM’s armed component.