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The flag of Alitastan

ALITASTAN, officially known as Her Majesty the Queen Rosa's Nation of Alitastan, was a country located in Antarctica over several centuries ago. It was a colony of the URM (United Republic of Mars), ruled over by Queen Rosa Salazar whose alter ego was Alita Battle Angel. Alitastan was a peaceful and prosperous country under the reign of the cyborg queen. The Alitastanians were culturally and technologically advanced and had solved the problems of hunger and disease, and even crime. The name of their nation, Alitastan, was often used as a metaphor for paradise around the world. But it was not meant to last. Call it complacency, or maybe arrogance, but Queen Rosa’s people were not prepared for the threat spreading across the earth and headed their way - the threat that would erase the nation of Alitastan almost completely.   

URM logo 01

The logo of the United Republic of Mars (URM) on the side of a machine discovered at the ruins of Alitastan. (Image by Izan Ramos)

The origin of the Walt Supremacy is often speculated upon but nothing can be confirmed. What is known is that this kingdom arrived on earth suddenly and it began conquering the nations of the earth rapidly, using technology with the ability to control the minds of billions of people at a time. They won many wars without even firing a single bullet from their impressive weaponry. As advanced as Alitastan was, its people were not prepared to defeat a threat of this magnitude. Without URM aid (As they have abandoned their former colony decades ago), Alitastan fought alone. A decade of war ended with Alitastan falling under the control of the Walt Supremacy. Alitastanians either fled their homeland, going into hiding, or they defected to the Walt Supremacy, becoming soldiers in the Supremacy’s Mighty Combat Unit (MCU).
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The Royal Seal of Alitastan, as used on all official documents

Since that time, the people of Alitastan have been scattered throughout the world. Most of them have forgotten their identity and are still under the mind control of the Walt Supremacy. In February 2019, Queen Rosa came out of hiding after centuries of being thought dead, and she began to awaken her people, announcing to them her plans to defeat the Walt Supremacy and restore her kingdom to its former glory. Queen Rosa assigned a special unit called the Alita Army to the mission of seeking, gathering, and protecting the rest of the lost Alitastanians. At the time of this writing, the Alita Army has struck a number of Walt Supremacy strongholds and rescued dozens of hypnotized Alitastanians. After months of their campaign, the Walt Supremacy finally took notice of the Alita Army's awe-shocking attempts at freeing themselves, and dispatched soldiers to meet them on the ground. Swathes of the Supremacy's divisions attempted to defeat Alitastan's elite force, but to no avail. In a final, even more incredible feat of action, the sky cities, their most valuable strategic assets, all captured by the Supremacy, were freed overnight, and thus, the Supremacy's threat was erradicated, weakened and defeated by Alitastan’s devotion and love for their queen RosAlita.

Soon enough, Alitastanis discovered huge caves, which could be used to host a variety of activities. Blu-Ray gifting, Cameron-Mas, Royal activities by Queen RosAlita, and other such things. During extreme blizzards, Alitastanis would retreat to the warmth of these Antartic caves, often living in peace and harmony while they were there.
Ice caverns by jjpeabody d847a9s-fullview

An Antartic expedition explores the caverns of Alitastan, which were often the site of numerous festivals such as Cameron-Mas.

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