Alitastan was founded on the continent of Antartica, isolated on all sides by glacier covered cliffs. The huge, unpopulated continent is steeped in mystery, legends and radical theories associated with ancient fallen angels to highly advanced alien technology. Queen Alita's Chief Chronicler Yukito Kishiro would love to expand on these stories.

The kingdom's primary city and The Queen's primary residence, The Royal Mushroom Baby Palace and home of her legendary and elite Army rests on top of a steep crystalline mountain peak. The city is filled with wonders to behold, many dedicated to The Queen Alita Herself by her loyal and loving subjects. 'The Shrine of Her 99 Virtues' is solely dedicated to Her Most Righteous and Deadly Highness and chronicles Her innumerable accomplishments and victories.

IMG 20190630 103913

A mural adorning the walls of the Shrine of Her Majesty the Queen's 99 Virtues

Historically Alitastan was an Earth colony of the United Republic of Mars (URM). Alitastan has diplomatic/refugee colonies branching off-world, including an orbiting Mars station and its moon Phobos.

In an unprovoked act of aggression, hostile forces attacked Alitastan during peacetime. The coordinated takeover resulted in the loss of the key base Fox Station located on Fox Hill. With the Motherland lost, the Realm of Alitastan, under the command of Queen Alita's High Admiral Cameron, General Rodriguez, and General Landau, has been forced to search for a new place to call home.

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