"I do not stand by" -AlitaArmy

"I do not stand by" -AlitaArmy

In February 2019, Alita: Battle Angel fans gathered on social media to share their love for the film that opened on the 13th. As #Alita threatened to become a box office failure, fans rallied to save it. Twitter and YouTube, in particular, provided the best platforms for their campaign aimed at getting people to go see Alita: Battle Angel to flourish. In March 2019, the Alita fan community on Twitter began calling themselves the “#AlitaArmy”. Twitter, being an open and public platform, allowed the very vocal #AlitaArmy to get the attention of numerous entertainment news websites which publicized their support of Alita: Battle Angel.

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Not all of the media attention was positive; at least one outlet published defamatory and easily disprovable lies about the #AlitaArmy following events that happened on Twitter. Related to those mentioned events, but on a positive note, on June 2019, the #AlitaArmy was interviewed by a journalist for The Wrap. The resulting article was published in early July and it can also be found on Yahoo! News. The #AlitaArmy is still campaigning across social media and on the ground. Their rallying cry: “Buy those Blu-rays, baby!”

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