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[This page contains a fictional story created for fun. The actual history of the real-life #AlitaArmy can be found here]

Founded in March 18, 2019, the Alita Army incorporated all the forces of the old guard with the influx of new recruits under the new title. Noted for their fierce loyalty on and off the battlefield to Her Majesty the Queen, Rosa-Alita, the Army is made up of the widest array of diverse personnel, each unique and bringing something to the whole to make it stronger. Against overwhelming odds, including the most insidious of foes in The Shills and The Wally espionage and sabotage divisions of the Walt Supremacy's forces, the Alita Army came out to face the attacks with their selfless acts of valor, winning victory after victory.

The Alita Army's mascot tentatively nicknamed "Chicken Wing"

The Army's first major push was seen in the Battle of the Boxoffis Valley. It was here in the face of sure defeat all four divisions of the Army (Tweeter, Tuber, Redder, and Facer) held their lines steady and pushed back. These troops were small in number, they distinguished themselves again and again with some achieving over 100 successful missions completed. This turning point saved the nation. These successes ensured that our Battle Angel Queen would not be standing by, that she and her Army was here to stay. Cries of "Its All or Nothing" became a rallying cry as strategies for the next phase of the campaign moved forward. Their motto "We Will Not Stand By in the Presence of Evil" first voiced by Queen Alita was formally adopted at this time.

In the summer of that year came the Poll Wars, a series of short battles that saw the newly formed Army rise up in its glory, in overwhelming victories to numerous to count, leaving opposing forces in shocked disbelief, some claiming that only a bot army could fight so strongly. Others disparaged the Army, baiting them with taunts in an effort to pull off members from the main force in order to defeat them. This tactic failed, as the Army remained focused and fought with such gallantry not seen since the dawn of history that inspired bystanders and even some enemy combatants to join their ranks.

With such outstanding success, the Army moved swiftly and surely to the next phase of their mission, vowing to complete it, with whatever it takes.

Though they had grown steadily in strength, the fight was not over yet. It would take one last huge push to secure the sovereignty of the entire Alitastan nation. Each soldier was committed and waited for months before the word was finally given. The Battle of the Sky City of Blue Rays had begun. Thousands moved as one, converging on the city, almost 50 million feet above their heads. Every soldier, ever berserker, each individual with a heart of gold had to climb up the supply pipes for this final mission to work.

And climb it they did. Together!

The Alita Army following the Queen into battle

Queen Alita planting her flag after capturing the Supremacy's Academy of Arts and Sciences, circa 2589.


"Creed of Iron and Blood." Submitted by @Dennis_Won (Twitter)

"I am realizing it is my choice and my choice only, to be a soldier of the AlitaArmy.

I accept the challenges that come with this decision.

I will stand with my sisters and brothers from all over the world for I share my love with them.

I will speak up where silence would mean complicity.

I will be her voice, even if my voice is the only one.

I have the courage to fight alone when it's necessary.

I will oppose my enemies with kindness, modesty and patience for my love is greater than their hate.

I will never give up, quit or surrender for this is failure.

My strength comes from my courage and is displayed in my perseverance.

I will never forget who I am or what I represent. I shall always lead by example and never by force.

To be a part of AlitaArmy is to surpass all failure. I know that I am not fighting for glory but for honor.

I am proud that I am a part of the AlitaArmy.

I will overcome any obstacle, will spread the word and show my love, will do whatever it takes until the mission is finished."


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The Alita Army has officially been recognized by the official social media account for the Alita: Battle Angel movie. See here:

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March 18, 2019 - An Army is born. The title Alita Army was an idea given to Queen Rosa-Alita by her loyal subjects:

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July 18, 2019 - The Queen meets one of our own, Armand 2.0 and addresses Alita Army by name:

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