Devilita Smile

The story of Devilita and her evil adventures in the world of Alita: Battle Angel.

Main Stories - Devilita Chronicles Edit

-1 Rusty Devil

Falling to the floor? Nah, it needs to be more extreme. Try "Falling through the floor". The rusty first step is the hardest. #DevilitaChronicles are short, unexpected and somewhat sinister.

-2 Amnesic Devil

Is it Dr. Darth Ido or Dr. Dyson Vader? Take your pick. Will Alita accept her fate and join the Dark Side? "You are the only one built for this."

-3 Trying Devil

Ever seen a baby dropped into this world and experiencing everything for the first time? This is exactly what s/he would do. After seeing my toddler girl chewing her nappy balm I thought of this. It's not meant to despise Alita, she is a perfect daughter.

-4 Zalem's Cargo

"It's all or nothing with me". Next time when you are making a half assed joke with Alita, think about the consequences. Or just make sure your are saying things really clear. I will leave the interpretation to you.

-5 Cowardishka

"I know he's watching us, and you are just his slave." A giant MMORPG is being played in Iron City and some one is enjoying it. An URM comes unexpected and will tear everything down.

-6 Easily Amused

Alita participating in Kansas Komedy Klub Judge Selection. It didn't go well.

-7 Not In Kansas

Since so many fans are doing the "Not in Kansas" thing, I will give it a try too! Introducing Nitilita!

-8 Technical Difficulties

"If you wreck this body, I can't fix it!" - Ido, "Don't play with that, you go blind!" - Every parent ever. Nuff said.

-9 Obligatory Coco

The obligatory Alita killing for chocolate. I know it's getting old, but it has to happen.

-10 motorball coach

Hugo the professional bullshitter got Alita into the deadly cut throat match without any preparation and fled the scene!

11 vector must die-0

Vector will not have a good time after conning Alita into the Motorball game unprepared.

Dc 12 skynets revenge

Can Termilita save John Conner from the attack of Skynet? Let's find out.

Dc 13 meatboy vs cybergirl-0

Meatboy and Cybergirl trying their first kiss and discuss what each other tastes like.

Dc 14 hot bluff

Don't overestimate your ability to handle hot food in front of girls, otherwise...

Dc 15 kung fu overshoot

Ido, please forgive her. A new body needs some time to adjust...

Side Stories - Devilita Memes: Edit

Dm 1 movie polls

Meme for snubbed movie poll and "Alita Bots should go get a job".

Dm 2 alita mafia

Calling us "Alita Mafia"? You have discovered the truth.

Dm 3 karma is a bitch-0

Be careful what you wish for. It will come back and bite you.

Dm 4 Karma is a Bitch Vol 2

Be careful what you wish for #2.

Dm 5 jacker's mission

When Queen Studios released their Alita Bust, things are getting a bit out of hand.

Dm 6 chiren's daughter

Like mother, like daughter. Poor Ido, always gets abused by the girls...

Dm 7 sequel petition

AlitaArmy doing everything we can to help our Angel getting a sequel. Including giving away free stuff.

Dm 8 blurays

Buy those Blu-rays baby! Or take our free ones!

ELIA Series - Explain Like I'm Alita Edit

Elia1 butterface


Alita OC - Out of Context Series (Totally random) Edit

Oc ScarredForLife
Oc AlitaSequel
Oc TastyHeart
Oc GummyBear
Oc TastyHeart

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