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Our Good and Benevolent Queen of Cybernetic Cuteness, RosAlita, as a young little girl. - From the Alitastan Royal Historical Archives

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Sad Puppy Eyes Baby RosAlita

Once believed lost for all time, the Alitastan Royal Historical Archive through much diligence and snooping has successfully recovered the Queen's baby photo album. Here you will find rare and hitherto unseen images of our Queen RosAlita as a young child before she became the battle angel we all know and love today. So settle back and enjoy the cuteness overload that you are about to experience.

Baby AlitaEdit

In Yukito Kishiro's chronical GUNNM, Alita (originally named Yoko) was born and raised on Mars.

In the young, baby years of Alita, she was often the most heccin’ cutest of them all, continually drawing awes from the first adorers of the soon-to-be Queen RosAlita.

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Bold Baby RosAlita

The Early YearsEdit

Growing up on Mars was not an easy life for our Alita (Yoko) as an orphan. It was a time filled with hardships, horror, the conflicts and crimes of a war torn planet. She did have one ally however, another orphan named Erica, who would remain an important influence in her life.

At one point Alita (Yoko) is trapped between warring factions when enemy soldiers attempt to kill the two orphans. Foreshadowing her later life as a warrior, Alita (Yoko) picks up a plasma rifle in defense and holds the enemy at bay. When all seems lost, a very important mentor figure enters her life in the form of an URM Berserker, Gelda, saving the two children.

From that day on, the orphan Alita's (Yoko's) life is changed forever.

Yoko and erica

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